Dave YoungWhen I arrived I asked a staff member, who was on a smoke break, to let the manager know that I was going to be handing out survive19 business cards and flyers. The owner, Dave Young (see photo), didn't even bother to see what I was up to or how I was doing it before he told me to get lost. Alert Private Security Agency and the police showed up and gave me a 6 month no trespassing notice.

Here is the video footage I took:

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My Thoughts

Waking up COVidiots is useless. They've already surrendered themselves to the New World Order. They are scared, robotic fascists [The most infamous fascists in history were the Nazis of the 1930s and 40s.] and are quickly converting the world into a totalitarian shithole. Their humanity has been replaced with COVidiocy.

I was attempting to politely hand out survive19 business cards and flyers but this was a disruption to their cult-like programming so I needed to go. Had they bothered to look into what I was doing, they would have discovered that I was trying to spread hope via natural foods and I would have been good for business.

Once again...I WAS NOT TRYING TO WAKE THEM UP. This is a fools errand. If they didn't want the paper, I didn't force it on them.

They are deep inside the COVID cult and cannot be talked out of it. They are also becoming hostile and this makes them dangerous. Think Jonestown and the Holocaust.

Not wearing a mask makes me an enemy to them even though there are no mask mandates outdoors. I also asked permission before I got within 6 feet of anyone with a business card or flyer so distance wasn't an issue either.

This is a war folks and the teams are people vs COVidiots. Don't fret either, there are very few genuine COVidiots. Most of them are just sheep following the herd and as soon as the shepherd changes direction, the sheep will follow.

Important Reminder 

According to the driver in the car, I'm a disease. I don't HAVE a disease, I AM a disease. This sentiment was enjoyed by the owner, Dave Young.

Do you know what doctors do to diseases? They kill them.

Are you starting to see the reality of our situation? We can only hope that their COVidiocy (the jabs, the masks, the overuse of cleaning chemicals and hand sanitizers, etc.) kills them soon.

You might be saying to yourself that what the driver said is the same thing I'm saying, but it's not. The driver lumped me into a category that warrants extermination, eradication and murder. What I'm suggesting is that we simply get out of the COVidiots' way and let them kill themselves. Murder and suicide are very different things.

COVidiots aren't innocent, brainwashed victims of propaganda anymore, they're inhuman, rage filled, fascists like the 1930s Nazis were and all it took to make make them this way was the "flu". They've had more than enough time to figure this thing out and they've chosen the side of COVidiocy.

The Solution

Starve these businesses of cash. Boycott them and spend your money elsewhere. Preferably, small, local businesses.

COVidiots are destroying the traditional retail industry themselves. They are literally driving people to shop online. Jeff Bezos and Amazon will be happy to take over the traditional grocery retail sector too. Simply order online and have it delivered. No mask, no jab, and the service is better because there isn't any.

COVidiots are idiots after all, thus, very shortsighted.

Amazon stock has nearly doubled since the scamdemic began.amazon stock

How has the traditional grocery retail market fared?

  • Increased security expenses
  • Increased safety expenses
  • Increased labour expenses
  • Frightened customers
  • Miserable customers
  • Angry customers
  • Increased food prices
  • Etc.

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