Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

13 years old and up: 10,000mg: divided into two or 3 doses/day

Children 6 -12 (5,000mg/day)

Children 2 -5 (2,000mg/day)

Note: Vitamin C best practice for appropriate dosing (for ALL AGES) is to start with 1 or 2k mg a day and add 1000mg every day until you get diarrhea. Whatever amount you took the day before loose stools occurred is the best dose for your body daily to take. Every person is different, some people have bowel tolerance of 2k mg per day, and some people daily take 20k, 30k, even 50k mg without loose stools or bowel tolerance ever occurs. I need to be clear, there is NO TOXIC dose of VIT C that has ever been determined, EVER. The best practice is to take as much daily that does not cause loose stools and stay on that indefinitely. I order my VIT C in bulk from bulksupplements.com. During periods of viral infections, I suggest during days of symptoms to be sure to get 3k mg daily from the form of VIT C called Liposomal Vit C, LivOnLabs has my favorite form, and it can be found online. The remaining daily dose during sickness can come from typical forms of VIT C (ascorbic acid).

Magnesium (any form)

13 years old and up: Start with 500mg

Children 6 -12 (300mg/day or just below bowel tolerance

Children 2 -5 (200mg/day)

According to Cardiologist Thomas Levy MD, research also supports there is NO TOXIC amount of Magnesium for the human body. Levy explains that Magnesium daily dosing to prevent ALL disease processes is determined the same way I described how to determine highest amount of daily VIT C. Start with 500mg of Magnesium Chloride and daily increase by 100mg until loose
bowels occur then back down when that occurs, to the amount you took the day before, and stay on this just below loose bowel dose every day. I also recommend as he does to take that much magnesium everyday of your life. To learn more about the incredible healing power of magnesium and disease prevention of Magnesium, check out his book published in 2019,  Magnesium Reversing Disease. @ medfoxpub.com


13 years old and up: 200mcg daily

Children 2 -12 100mcg daily

Note: Every day forever! My favorite forms are chelated forms of Selenium, check the Supplement Facts Panel for form.

Apple Pectin

All ages: 700mg twice daily

apple pectin


Check this out!...

"Protection against radiation: An important discovery was made with Chernobyl victims,
which showed that intake of apple pectin greatly reduced the radiation load in children
from Ukraine and Belarus afflicted by the Chernobyl disaster 5, 39, 65. In one study the
average reduction of cesium 137 levels in children receiving oral pectin powder was
62.6% after a month-long trial."

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